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The Difference between FUE & DHI Technique

Both FUE and DHI techniques are considered as a potential choice for those who are considering having hair transplant procedure. According to your baldness case, your doctor will determine the best technique for you. Therefore, before going through it, it is better to know the difference between these two techniques.

In fact, the harvesting process is a symmetry phase in both FUE and DHI technique that depends on an accurate device called “Micro Motor” consists of three-changing tiny heads called “Puncher device”, according to the type of the patient’s hair. Afterward, the difference presents between FUE and DHI techniques.   

dhi technic

CHOI Implanter technique


DHI technique is deemed a preferable option for women, who desire to enhance hair density; also, it’s a thoroughly great choice for Beard, Mustache, and Eyebrow hair transplant. As, it gives great density and doesn’t need total hair shaving.

On one hand, the harvesting phase in DHI is similar to FUE technique, which depends on Micromotor device. On the other hand, the difference is that the implanting phase leans on an exact device called CHOI Pen Implanter, which looks like a pen, the doctor utilized for implanting follicles in a particular direction, depth, and angle, in addition to, minimizing the time of hair transplant procedure.

Through DHI technique, hair follicles are implanted directly one by one within the receptor areas. You can get up to 3500 hair follicles over a session called Micro DHI, or 7.000 hair follicles over two sessions known as “Mega DHI”. Implanting up to 100% of hair density, owing to the accurate device, which is CHOI Pen Implanter.

fue technic

FUE technique


FUE technique fits the patients who are facing a large area of baldness, and have a strong donor area.

Through FUE technique, you will be in need to shave your whole hair. However, you will be able to have a full hair coverage by implanting up to 5.000 hair follicles over a session, which is called Micro FUE. Alternatively, you can undergo Mega FUE to get 10.000 hair follicles over two sessions.

Be confident; follicular unit transplantation technique assures a high degree of guaranteed and optimal results, moreover, obtaining 70%-80% of hair density.


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