Ultra FUE Technique

Are you facing one of the most significant problems, which is baldness or excessive hair loss? Now, you can get a full head coverage by our latest technique; Ultra FUE Technique.

Ultra FUE is a hair transplant technique, depends on a harvesting device called Micro-Motor and an accurate implanting forceps with a head made of Sapphire.

The following phases of Ultra FUE technique:

  1. Hair shaving; the medical staff will do the shaving for the patient.
  2. Scalp sterilization; preparing the scalp for the transplant procedure.
  3. Draw the frontal headline. Which is the most important phase in the procedure.
  4. Marking the donor area, in order to choose the best follicles for implantation, and prepare it for the harvesting phase.
  5. Sedation phase, performed by the painless needle-free injection technique, where the anesthetic fluid is pumped into the scalp.
  6. Harvesting phase, depending on Micro- Motor device.
  7. Opening Channels phase, depending on a medical forceps, which heads made of Sapphire; one of the precious stones, it is characterized by a smooth antibacterial surface, in addition to, accelerates the healing process and minimizes tissue damage.
  8. Implantation Phase, where the harvested follicles are implanted in the receptor areas. In a certain depth and direction.
  9. Washing session, the first session will be after 27 hours from the transplantation. Where one of the specialists will wash the scalp for the patient and teach him/her how to wash later on.
  10. Medical bag contains therapeutic shampoo, ointment, lotion, painkillers, and allergy medications.


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